The Institute

During the last ten years, interest in a systematic-philosophical treatment of Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy has been increased rapidly, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. The many new publications on Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, as well as the adoption of central philosophic tenets of this philosophy by various contemporary philosophers - often referred to as Neo-Aristotelianism – are a clear evidence of this trend.

Furthermore, a philosophical movement has developed over this period which does not only adopt partial aspects of Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy but seeks to revive Thomistic philosophy as a whole in a systematic way and bring it into current philosophical debates. Since most of these philosophers have been grounding in the field of analytic philosophy this movement is referred to under the title of “analytic Thomism”. The co-operators of the Institute took this development as an opportunity to launch a discussion of Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy in the German-speaking world.

After the very successful convention held in Cologne in December 2013 titled “New Scholasticism Meets Analytic Philosophy”, plans were made in spring of 2014 for the founding of the Institute for Thomistic Philosophy (iTP). The Institute cooperates with the publishing company for publications Editiones Scholasticae.

The aim of the iTP is to promote the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, as well as more recent works, especially those of systematic philosophical nature, on the basis of Thomistic Philosophy, in the discussion with contemporary philosophy. The iTP organises and supports research projects, conferences, publications, as well as regular summer schools for students and postgraduates. The first Summer School will take place in the summer of 2016. Introductory sessions will be offered regularly for philosophically interested parties and for students of all programs.